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The Golden Visa for Greece is one of the most popular investment visa programs in the EU. It is a residence-by-investment visa, issued to non-EU citizens who make a significant contribution to the Greek economy. There are several investment options, but the most common route is through purchasing real estate worth at least a quarter of a million.

Why investors should not ignore Greece’s golden visa program

Many people want to obtain residency for other purposes, such as to facilitate  interaction with foreign banks, travel freely across the EU, or as a safety  precaution in case of an urgent need to emigrate. 

This being one of the major motives among Turkish, Iranian, Russian, and  Chinese nationals.  

A good option in such cases is the so- called “Golden Visa,” which is a  residence permit issued to buyers of real estate or other assets above a certain  value.  

This is the easiest and quickest way to obtain a residence permit. The most  accessible immigration programs in the EU is the one offered by Greece. 

There are several investment options, but the most common route is through  purchasing real estate worth at least a quarter of a million. 

A Greek Golden Visa is one of the most competitive Golden Visas in the EU and  is accompanied with the following benefits:  

  • The threshold investment options are relatively lower than in most other EU countries with Golden Visa routes.  
  • You can extend the visa to include your family members, like your spouse, (unmarried) children under 21 years of age, and dependent parents of either yourself or your spouse. There are no requirements to live in Greece for any  duration in order to renew the residence permit.  
  • You can choose to rent out your property after purchase.  
  • You can apply for Greek citizenship after seven years of residence. Greece is an EU Member State, so you would have access to the EU free market and visa free travel to more than a hundred countries.  
  • You can live, work, and invest in Greece.  
  • You have access to Greek education and healthcare. 

If you ultimately choose to live in Greece, then after seven years of continuous residence, you can also apply for Greek citizenship.

How long do you need to live in greece to renew the golden visa?

Unlike most other countries who issue Golden Visas, you do not need to live in  Greece at all in order to renew the residence permit. You can keep renewing it  every five years, as long as you have still maintained your investment. To renew  the residence permit, you have to provide proof that the real estate property is still  in your ownership or a solemn declaration by the relevant representatives that the  investment is still ongoing. 

Can you get Greece citizenship by investment?

Yes, you can become a Greek citizen by making an investment in Greece and  obtaining the Golden Visa.

However, unlike residency, you cannot apply for  Greek citizenship without actually living there and paying taxes. You must live in  Greece for at least seven years before being eligible to apply for citizenship.

In  addition, you must also be able to prove you have ties to the country and  knowledge of the Greek language and culture, at least on a basic level.

How to apply for a Greece golden visa?

Greek Golden Visa Law changed on 23.12.2020: You can now apply for the  program completely remotely.

You or your dependents don’t have to enter Greece  during or prior to the application process.

Family reunification

Can your family join you? They sure can. The residence scheme allows you to  include your spouse and children under the age of 21 in the program. This means  that all these family members can also receive and enjoy all the benefits of a  Golden Visa card. In addition to the other Golden Visa programs, the Greek  program provides an Extended Family benefit. This means that the principal  applicant’s parents and parents-in-law can also receive cards without any further  requirements.

Low investment threshold in a promising real estate market

Among the Golden Visa programs in Europe, Greece has the lowest investment  threshold. You can invest as low as 250,000 Euros in Greek real estate in order to  qualify for the program.

The Greek property market took a big hit in the 2008 financial crisis and suffered  for more than a decade. As of 2021, the Greek real estate market is expected to  adjust in an upward trend.

Greece golden visa statistics

Between 2014 and 2021, a total of 8,011 main applicants and 15,774  dependents received their Golden Visa in Greece. So, as of 2021, a total of  23,785 Greek Golden Visa permits were granted to their owners.These  applications directed in excess of €2 billion of global funds into Greece.


The highest number of applicants came from:  

  • China: 5,927 applicants
  • Turkey: 524 applicants
  • Russia: 322 applicants
  • Lebanon: 178 applicants
  • Egypt: 166 applicants
  • Iran: 136 applicants
  • Iraq: 94 applicants
  • Jordan: 66 applicants
  • Ukraine: 56 applicants
  • Syria: 56 applicants   

Eligibility criteria for the greece golden visa program

In order to qualify for a Golden Visa in Greece, you must meet the following  requirements: 

  • Be a non-EU/EEA country citizen
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have medical insurance for yourself and your family
  • Be of good character 

How a remote application works

The Greek Golden Visa program changes will be in effect as of 2021. 

This will make a big difference for many prospective investors as the Covid-19  pandemic made international travel difficult for many people across the world.  

This new option will make it possible for many more families to consider and apply  for Golden Visa in Greece.  

As a Golden Visa investor, you need to sign a Power of Attorney (PoA) with a local  law firm in Greece. 

You can do this at the local Greek Consulate in your city. This document would  allow your law firm to:  

  • Submit your Greece Golden Visa application on your behalf, Complete your investment remotely on your behalf, which is a purchase of real estate worth at least €250,000  

You could always use a PoA for the completion of your investment in Greece.  However, changes in the program now allow you to also apply for the Greece  Golden Visa program, without the need to enter Greece at the time of the  application, or prior to the application.  

Just as you are not required to enter Greece as a main applicant, your dependent  family members are not required to enter the country either.  

When are you required to enter greece?

You and your dependents will only need to present yourself physically in Greece  once, in order to provide your biometrics data.

Investing in real estate in Greece 2021

The investment projects of our company, aiming at ensuring a stable income  for the owner, investments that are worth highlighting are those located on  Halkidiki peninsula and multiple islands found in Greece. 

There’s an increased demand of investors for purchase and construction of  real estate located on the coastline and not far from popular vacation spots, is  quite logical.  

Investing in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable investment types.  

What to consider if you invest in Greece

Greece’s main assets are:  

  • Member of the European Union and European Monetary Union Economic Hub of South-Eastern Europe: geographical location, which makes it the strategic link with the markets of the Balkans, the Black Sea,  Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean regions  
  • One of the strongest shipping sectors in the world
  • Strong tourism sector
  • Greatly improved financial management

Investment opportunities

The Key Sectors of the National Economy  

Tourism is the first sector of the country, followed by the merchant marine. The service sector is the fastest growing sector in the Greek economy  (commercial and financial services, real estate, transport and  communications). 

The other main sectors are cosmetics, information and communication  technologies (especially e-commerce) and agribusiness.

Returns on investment in real estate

There is also an expectation of a sizeable return on investment in real estate  such as those gotten from rental properties in Greek islands where the yield  obtained from such rental properties of about 120 square metres in the “town”  is approximately 8%. Analysis shows that similar rental apartments outside the  “town” and returns of about 10% which is a little higher than the centre. 

It is however important to note that rental apartments or houses which are  located in the centre of cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki offer a yield of  about 4% to 6% which is not as much as those of the rental properties in the  islands. 


A general review of the Greek economy highlights the expansion being  experienced with a 2% growth rate in 2019 and a projection of between 2%  and 2.4% growth in 2020 according to the European Commission and the  International Monetary Fund. 

These optimistic economic projections combined with the relatively low  mortgage interest rates and steadily growing rental apartment returns mean  that Greece is in a prime position for substantial investment in real estate  through building projects and property development of houses for sale and  long-term rental apartments. 

Further, in 2020 Athens has risen to 14th position as more capital funds are  focused on investment in real estate both for long-term rentals or houses for  sale. 

All these reasons make Greece the ideal market and bargain economy for  strategic investment in real estate in 2021.

What we do

We guide our clients by giving them all the details of an investment with potential return. 

Our Team anticipate steps to ensure that our clients are informed and ready to  take on their investment. 

We make sure that you invest in the right time, in the right place and for the  right reason. 

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